The promoter of rheological research in Poland was Professor Zdzisław Kembłowski, working at the Lodz University of Technology. The postdoctoral dissertation performed by Professor in 1969 regarding flows of non-Newtonian fluids in the inlet section of the pipe is probably the first postdoctoral dissertation in the field of rheology and rheometry of non-Newtonian fluids in Poland.

Founder and first president of PSER – Professor Zdzisław Kembłowski

The spread of rheology in Poland

In the 1970s, interest in rheological research has spread to Warsaw University of Technology (Professor Wroński) and Poznan University of Technology (Professor Kozioł). In order to strengthen cooperation between scientific centers dealing with this field, on the initiative of the Professor Kembłowski the First Seminar on Non-Newtonian Fluids was organized. The seminar took place in 1975 at the Lodz University of Technology. The seminar resulted in establishment of a separate section of Engineering of Non-Newtonian Fluids as part of the Chemical Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1976. The head of the new section was Professor Kembłowski. The following Second Seminar on Non-Newtonian Fluids took place in October 1978 in Kołobrzeg. In the years 1979-1990, Professor Kazimierz Kozioł was appointed as a new chairman of Engineering of Non-Newtonian Fluids section. In 1985 the Third Seminar on Non-Newtonian Fluids combined with National Scientific Session on “Advances in Bioreactor Engineering” were organized. It was a special interdisciplinary meeting of researchers of different kind of scientific fields. Since 1990, the Engineering Rheology Section with Professor Kembłowski as a head has been initiated as part of the Chemical Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In October 1996, the First Seminar on Engineering Rheology was organized from an initiative of Professor Lidia Zander form University of Technology and Agriculture in Olsztyn (currently the University of Warmia and Mazury).

Founding Members of The Polish Society of Engineering Rheology – February 7, 1997 in Łódź

The founding meeting

The founding meeting of PSER was held in Łódź on February 7, 1997. Lodz University of Technology was a Polish cradle and leading research center in the field of non-Newtonian fluid engineering, rheology and rheometry. The meeting was attended by 16 people, Founding Members, representing eight academic centers from all over Poland. The society was officially registered in accordance with the decisions of the District Court in Łódź of 20 March 1997. The first PSER Council was constituted on June 27, 1997.

The 20th anniversary of PSER (in polish)

The aims of PSER

  • Promotion of research in the field of rheology.
  • Promoting the achievements of rheological science and its applications among industry employees as well as academic employees and industrial research centers.
  • Promoting of rheology in the education of students of technical faculties.
  • Popularization of rheology through mass media.