Polish Day of Soft Matter and Microrheology

Polish Society of Engineering Rheology and EKMA Company – exclusive representative of the
LS Instruments and RheoSense companies in Poland, in cooperation with Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering of Lodz University of Technology, have the pleasure to invite you to


This event will be focused on microrheology issues with particular emphasis on non-contact, non-invasive optical microrheology techniques based on the analysis of light scattering on tracer’s particle immersed in the tested medium.

The seminar will take place on November 14-15, 2019 in the LabFactor TUL building.

First day – rheological workshops:

  1. Dr Claude Oelschlaeger (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) will describe the basics of microrheological measurements based on the tracer’s trajectory analysis– passive microrheology techniques.
  2. Dr Andreas Charles Völker (LS Instruments, Friburg, Switzerland) will discuss the basics of microrheological measurements based on the analysis of the temporal fluctuation of backscattered or transmitted light on the particles – Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy;
  3. Dr Takashi Matsuki (Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Kyoto, Japan) will discuss the viscosity measurements applying electromagnetically spinning method;
  4. Dr Krzysztof Antosik (EKMA Company Poland) will present the measurement capabilities of devices manufactured by RheoSense (measurements based on microfluidics).

The second part of the workshop will include the hands-on sessions with interactive discussion and demonstration of the above-mentioned measurement systems. During this session, it is possible to measure the rheological properties of samples provided by seminar participants.

Second day will be devoted to the presentation of scientific research on the physical and physicochemical properties of broadly understood soft matter (colloidal systems, (bio)polymer solutions and alloys, physiological fluids, emulsions and suspensions etc.).

We cordially invite PhD students and Young Scientist to present their research results. Participation in the seminar is free.

Everyone interested in participation is asked to fill in the application form and send by October 30 via email to the following address: piotr.owczarz@p.lodz.pl. Please send application form and abstracts – up to one page of the text in Polish or English. The abstracts will be published in electronic form on the PTRT website – http://ptrt.com.pl/. Predicted forms of presentation are oral presentation (max. 15 min with discussion) or poster ones. The detailed program will be presented in a separate communique and on the PTRT website (ptrt.com.pl)

Scientific committee of the seminar:

  1. prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Dziubiński
  2. dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Jaworska, prof. PW
  3. dr hab. inż. Anna Ptaszek, prof. URK
  4. dr hab. inż. Jacek Różański
  5. dr inż. Piotr Owczarz

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